What are the prices for a new boat?

Buying boats is not as painful as you might think! Because the banks understand that a new Key West Boat will last for many years, long term financing is often available. Depending on the model you chose you might be able to get into the boat of your dreams for less than $200.00 a month. For the best service after the sale we always recommend that you pruchase from the dealer who is most convenient to you. Because of many variables in pricing we do not quote retail prices at key West Boats. Please contact your dealer.

How is a Key West Boat the best value on the water?

Key West Boats

The Best Value on the Water Today

Our boats have more standard features than other boats in their class, such as a compass and courtesy lights on most models. Many builders use these add ons as a profit center. We know you want and need certain items, and we can do it for less if we do it on most boats.

At Key West Boats we build one of the safest boats on the market with not only attention to all important flotation, but in every other aspect as well. It is our sincere goal to never have anyone injured on one of our boats because we did not do everything we could to prevent it. Simple but effective, and we put our families on these boats too.

Our resale value is one of the highest in the industry because our choice of high quality materials combined with quality construction techniques and versatile designs means that even after years of use it will still appeal to many users and will have many more years yet to go.

Construction: Our no wood, no rot philosophy extends to the use of the best materials available today building the strongest, lightest, most durable laminations in the industry. This no compromise approach to boat building insures our owners years of trouble free service.

Certification:  Key West Boats are built to exceed the standards needed to pass all USCG requirements and the CE standard for export which stresses the same key points we do at Key West Boats; safety, stability, and structural integrity.

Privately owned and backed for over two decades with one of the most liberal and seldom needed warranties in the industry. The best warranty is the one you don't need.

Are Key West Boats unsinkable?

By definition, nothing I can think of is truly unsinkable. If enough weight is attached to any floating object it will sink as a result, but it is possible to insert flotation material into a boat in the proper amounts and correct locations to keep it relatively upright and level when swamped.

At Key West Boats we like to refer to our boats as possessing 'Positive Level and Upright Flotation'. This terminology is used by the USCG with the definition being that some of the boat can be submerged as long as an acceptable percentage of the top edge is above water and sitting level and upright. This should allow the passengers to remain in the boat. Therefore the Key West boat is beyond unsinkable in the respec that it not only floats when swamped but does so with the right side up. It is important to remember that flotation material can and does deteriorate with age gradually reducing its effectiveness. Closed cell foam when aged or damaged can absorb water as well. Some of our models because of design variations can and do float much higher than others when swamped. Reasonable safety precautions should be taken with any boat. 

Who do I contact to service my boat?

To get your boat serviced, we recommend that you contact the dealer you purchased the boat from. If this is not possible, contact the nearest dealer to you. In order to do so, type your zip code in the search box at the top of this page.

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Glossary of Terms

To force air and oxygen into livewells to keep fish of bait alive. Also, to force air under the running surface of a hull.
aerator pump
A term usually used improperly. Literally it refers to a pump used  to insert air into water thereby oxegenating the water for the purpose of keeping bait or fish alive. It is commonly used to refer to the pump used to inject water into a live well, which should be referred to as a live well pump.